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About the UC Davis Global Health Department

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Utilizing a One Health Approach to Address Global Health

UC Davis is uniquely positioned to provide integrated solutions, education, and expertise on issues surrounding global health through a collaborative effort involving Human Medicine, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Management, Public Welfare, and International Development.  Ours is a truly interdisciplinary approach, known as One Health, used to assess and improve the health of people, animals, and the environment.
The amalgamation of experts across this broad spectrum makes UC Davis a hub for projects, curriculum, service, research, and training as they relate to global health.  Academics, as well as industry and healthcare leaders turn here for multidisciplinary, high-quality, practical solutions and expertise to solve challenges of global health importance.  We have a tradition of working collaboratively and our vision of health recognizes the interconnectedness of people, animals, and the environment and aims to identify and address the fundamental causes of poor health to improve the well-being of all.