General Information

General Information

When to travel during medical school

  • Weekends 
  • Spring break of first year 
  • Summer between first and second year 
  • September break 
  • Between second and third year 
  • During fourth year 
  • During a year off 
  • During residency 
  • During the regular school session

Types of programs

  • Language programs
  • Service trips
  • Experiences for preclinical students 
  • Elective rotations 
  • Research trips 
  • Organized trips versus independent trips 


  • For short-term weekend or break trips you will need at least 1-2 weeks to obtain permission 
  • For summer trips, research trips or other longer-term projects you will need to start preparing 6 months in advance 


  • Dr. Wilkes is the head of the Global Health Department at UC Davis: 
  • The Global Health Student Interest Group (GHSIG) leadership can assist to get you the resources you need: