Research Tools

Research Tools

UC Davis Library VPN
Access all library resources including Pubmed and the Clinical Resource Center from home. Requires UCD Kerberos username and password.

PubMed - NCBI Article Database
From off-campus, login into UC Davis Library VPN and search for "PubMed" under "Databases"

JANE: Journal Author Name Estimator
Type in keywords or your article title to get a list of journals with a record of similar articles. Good for starting your literature search and deciding where to submit your manuscript.

Journal Citation Reports (JCR) through Web of Science   
Gives you the impact factor for a select number of journals based on journal title or keyword. May require UCD Library VPN login to access from home.

UC funding and discounts for Open Access publishers     
Make your work available to the public for free by publishing in an open access journal or database. Normally there is an article processing fee between $1500 - $3000 per article for these services. The University of California has its own open access publishing database called eScholarship, and has discount agreements with major open access publishers like BMC, Springer, PLoS and Mary Ann Leibert.

Citations can be stored, searched and quickly inserted into research papers in the format of many scholarly journals. Free software download for UCD faculty and students.